2007-06-14 23:38:14 New version of wmxmms2 released!

WMxmms is a program that runs on Linux under the windowmanagers windowmaker or BlackBox. It gives the user control over a daemon-program that runs in the background called xmms2. Xmms2 is a music player with many features and a wide range of supported muzic formats like mp3,ogg,mod and wma.
Gijs H. pointed to some compilation errors that occurred when he tried to compile wmxmms2. This was due to the quick development from xmms2 which resulted in missing functions that where renamed in the new version of xmms2.
Read the Changelog for details.
xmms screenshot xmms screenshot xmms screenshot
You can download the source of wmxmms2-0.6 here.
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